Second Best Wins Out

Second Best Wins Out

When does second place ever beat first place? Well it did once when the jackpot prize in the National Lottery was shared between five winners who each got all six numbers and therefore each got an equal share of that weekend’s £4.8m jackpot. While none of the five were unhappy with their good fortune, on this occasion a single person had five numbers and the bonus ball. There was no need to share and that winning ticket won £1.5m, over £0.5m more than each of the winners received.

Prize Fund
It happened because of the way the prize fund has been set up. The Jackpot Prize is 52% of the take so when it is shared five ways, each winner actually receives less than the ‘second’ prize winner who receives a full 16% with no need to share with anyone else.

It is difficult to work out a prize fund. Although the vast majority of people are buying to win the top prize they also want to pick up smaller prizes along the way. It is one of the things that has encouraged gamblers to keep trying. It means that there needs to be plenty of small winners and that number multiplied by the value of the smallest win soon adds up.

Keeping people interested
The National Lottery in the UK was launched two decades ago and effectively ended interest in many small lotteries that had been run in local communities for charities and sports clubs for the previous couple of decades. The logic behind those had been plenty of small winners to keep people interested and the National Lottery has had the same principle.

Further momentum for lotteries came from the Internet and people can now buy tickets for lotteries around the world if they so wish. They can also set up online accounts with such as and be certain that they will be involved every time.

It is certainly the most convenient way to get involved in the lottery. If you open an account your payments will be taken automatically as agreed and your winnings will appear just as automatically. You will need to do nothing if you are away on holiday you will not be missing out. You can log in at any time using your unique details and transfer any winnings out of your account into your bank as you wish. Little winners are nice but it is the big one that you are likely to be after. You have as good a chance as anyone and certainly a better chance than the person who forgets to buy a ticket in a particular week.

You can look at what is on offer without obligation if you look at websites offering lottery accounts. The good companies may well anticipate your questions and have answers on the website. They will be only too happy to answer others if you get in touch.

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